What is a swag?

If going on an overnight tour you will sleep in a swag.

What is a swag?

A swag is the quintessential way of camping in the Australian Outback. It is basically a bed that is surrounded by canvas so it is waterproof and it can be rolled up for ease of carrying or transporting.  It has a built in mattress and was traditionally quite uncomfortable.

What swag do we use on our overnight camping tours?

The swags that we use on tour are a far cry from the original design. We use ARB Dome swags that we consider are the most comfortable available.  Features include:

  • made of thick Australian canvas to ensure they are waterproof
  • zip away fly mesh sides to improve airflow and be able to view millions of stars while keeping bugs out
  • a thick matress
  • spacious with room to sit up due to their ‘dome’ style

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